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Lincolnshire Produce to try when you stay

Lincolnshire’s food is some of the finest and freshest in the land. We are England’s second largest county by area, producing over 20% of all foodstuffs grown in the UK. If you consider yourself a foodie then it is the place to be!

Local Specialities

Local specialities are top of the menu across the country, from the peppery flavour of sage-flecked, coarse-ground Lincolnshire Sausages and slabs of the succulent, marbled Lincoln Red Beef. The one we like to shout about though is the highly lauded Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, as the family of a cousin of ours produces this on their 780-acre farm just 2 miles away from us.

Lincoln Red Beef
Lincoln Red Beef
Simon and Tim from Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese
Lincolnshire Poacher

Traditional Dishes

Stuffed Chine – a traditional dish of salt pork with herbs, predominantly parsley – and Haslet – Lincolnshire sausage-meat moulded into ovals and baked in the oven until the outside has turned brown and caramelised – tend to be only found in the county.

Lincolnshire Stuffed Chine
Stuffed Chine

Fish and Chips

One of the reasons the fish and chips are so great in places around Rigsby is that the spuds and peas are grown locally and the fish comes off the North Sea and is processed at Grimsby 45 minutes away.

Farmers Markets

Cheeses, honey, ice-cream, rapeseed oil, stone ground flour and various beers are amongst some of the items being regularly available from Farmers Markets, which are common across the Wolds and a great opportunity to buy direct from the producer. Farmers Markets are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month in Louth and Food Markets are held in Louth on the second Friday of every month in 2015.

Artisan Honey
Artisan Honey
Louth Victorian Market
Louth Market

Louth - a foodie’s heaven

Whilst in Louth – where you will also find traditional bakers, specialist butchers, a fish monger and green grocers – a visit to The Cheese Shop and an artisan delicatessen selling over 100 cheeses from small producers among the many shops.

Pocklington bakery Louth
Pocklington bakery

Lincolnshire plum bread

Our traditional mid-afternoon reviver in the Wolds – Lincolnshire plum bread – should be sampled during your stay Meyers is our favourite example, which Barbara includes from time-to-time in the complementary Welcome Pack for our holiday cottages.

Lincolnshire Poacher and Plum bread
Poacher & Plum bread

Fine ales

If beer is your thing then head to Batemans Visitor Centre in Wainfleet for a Brewery Tour. Alternatively Black Horse Brewing Co Ltd of Louth will deliver to our holiday cottages for Free, so why not have a mixed case to enjoy on your holiday?


If you fancy some crisps with your choice tipple, then may we suggest trying some Pipers Crisps, made by farmers and winners of 22 Great Taste Awards Gold since 2007.

Our farm’s produce

We grow wheat for bread and also to supply feed for Fairburn’s hens just the otherside of Alford. Their business has grown to become one of the largest independent egg producers and packers in the UK, delivering more than 13 million British lion approved eggs every week. As well as wheat we grow Oil Seed Rape and Beans. So you may have indirectly eaten some of our Lincolnshire produce!

Harvesting our wheat 2014
Wheat harvesting
Oil seed rape

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