Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages

Rural, peaceful with lots of walking, cycling and exploring.

Our EV charger is a Type 2, made by Zappi in Lincolnshire! It is a rapid 22kWh charger and will only take an hour or two to charge most cars although its PIN code protected for your safety and security. You'll need to bring your own charging cable and you can use it as much as you like when you're staying with us.

Location of the shared electric vehicle charging point on our farm in Rigsby, Lincolnshire:

EV point location Stables to EV charge point

Rigsby Village

Approx 50m from The Stables and 200m from Owl and Pheasant holiday cottages.

How to use and share our EV charge point:

Zappi charger Ev Charging

Please park near the EV point, leaving access to our grain barn clear. Please move your car once charged so other guests can also use the charger.

How to pay for your usage:

We ask for a small cash payment of £25 per stay

Our holiday cottages: